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Rocket Wrestling Club is a non-profit wrestling organization.  Our youth program has three seasons that run back to back: "introductory season"/"pre-season", "regular season" and "state tournament season". We practice, with few exceptions, in the John Marshall High School wrestling room. Please see our registration form for details.

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The "introductory season" is for brand new and lesser experienced (generally one year or less) wrestlers.  It is intended to be a low cost option to try the sport of wrestling, giving athletes & families an idea of what the sport of youth wrestling and wrestling practices are all about!  We hope that every participant will enjoy the sport and register for our "regular season".  This phase generally runs for four to five practices in November.

The "pre-season" runs parallel to our our "introductory season" and an opportunity for experienced wrestlers to start their wrestling season. Experienced wrestlers may also decide to join during "regular season" without participating in the "pre-season". 

The "regular season" is our main season of youth wrestling.  We generally begin our regular season at the start of December and complete the regular season in mid/late February. Weekend tournaments are strongly encouraged, but are optional (registration fees for these events are not included in the registration fee). During this time, we will also compete in some "team" tournaments. These tournaments are PK-6th grade events that are cross-grade. We are allowed one wrestler per weight class and a limited number of alternates. Therefore, wrestlers interested in competing in these events will "wrestle-off" to make the team. We encourage all older, experienced and competitive wrestlers to try out for these team events.

The "state tournament season" is strongly encouraged for all wrestlers! It is the time during the youth wrestling season that many state and national tournaments will be holding qualifying and state/regional tournaments. Some, especially newer, wrestlers may choose to complete their season at the end of the "regular season", but since many of these tournaments are also local (Stewartville, Plainview, Austin, Hayfield, Byron, etc), we encourage all competitive wrestlers to wrestle in March! Our ending date is aligned with the NYWA State & Invite Tournaments, which is held at the Rochester Mayo Civic Center.

See our registration form for more information.

Click HERE for a Rocket Youth Registration form.

There is NEVER a fee for registering late for Rocket Wrestling. You can bring your registration form to practice or drop it in the mail. Click HERE, and scroll to the bottom, for our mailing address.

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