If your child is about to become a wrestler and this is your first real experience with this sport, you will want to know what is happening as you watch from the bleachers, what to expect as the match progresses, and how to react when your child comes off the mat. This guide provides this information and more and is the first step toward maximizing the benefit your child may experience as they explore this new and exciting sport.

Youth Wrestling Guide

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The Toughest Kid on the Block

Practice Policy

Please bring your child to the wrestling room and pick them up from the wrestling room. We do not want any wrestlers roaming the halls or outside for safety reasons. It's important to start on time and that you are on time to pick them up.

In order to keep the mats cleaner and prevent unnecessary mat wear, we ask that all wrestlers bring two pairs of shoes to practice. One pair to wear into the facility and a second pair (wrestling shoes or clean tennis shoes) to wear on the wrestling mat.  Also, all parents are asked to remove their street shoes before entering the wrestling room.  Your cooperation in this matter is appreciated.

In case of inclement weather, please listen to the local radio stations. The Rocket Wrestling Club practices will be canceled if community education classes are canceled.  Also, if Rochester Public Schools are canceled or dismiss early (due to weather), we will NOT be practicing.  Use your best judgment ... don't drive if the road conditions are "bad".

Weekend Tournaments (Optional)

Information on upcoming tournaments is available on our web site tournament page and will be available at the table outside the wrestling room during practices. There will also be sign-up sheets to indicate where other wrestlers will be participating. We will try to indicate a preferred tournament, one or two per month, to attempt to have a larger group at these tournaments. The wrestlers usually enjoy going to tournaments with as many of their friends as possible to help support each other. Keep in mind these are optional and not something to force your child to do. It's up to you to complete the tournament forms and send them in with the payment to the wrestling club hosting the tournament.

Used Equipment Nights

Each year, we have a "used equipment sale".  Generally, this is during the first week of the "regular season", during practice time. 

If you have any used equipment that you wish to sell, please bring it on the designated evening or before marked with your name, address, phone number, and price. When purchasing used equipment, please pay the seller directly.


Picture Night

Rocket Wrestling Club may be offering pictures.  More information will be distributed at a later date.



Everyone involved in organizing and supporting the Rocket Wrestling Club, from the board members to coaches, are volunteers. We believe that parental involvement encourages the children to stay involved and teaches them about community support. We would encourage you to volunteer in whatever way you feel comfortable. Please see a board member if you are interested in volunteering.  We need people helping our coaches on the mat as well as people behind the scenes (making decisions, working to plan events and working at events).  Your support is needed to grow our program and its offerings to its wrestlers!

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